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PKMNResort App: Lily Yukimura by judokrak
PKMNResort App: Lily Yukimura

[ General Identification ]

»Name: Lily Yukimura
»Nickname(s): Lils, Lil, Yuki

»Gender: ♀
»Age: 24
»D.O.B.: December 29th, 1989

»Height/Weight: 5'5" (without heels) / 147 lbs

»Occupation: Night club performer (vocalist)

»Species: Jynx (#124)
»Type: Ice/Psychic
»Moveset: Heart Stamp | Ice Punch | Fake Tears | Lovely Kiss
(Moves in italics are STAB moves)

[ Personal Information ]

»Nature: Careful
»Characteristic: Somewhat vain

+ Superficially outgoing; makes casual friends easily
+ Astute
+ Poised, to the point that it seems like it would get uncomfortable
+ Well-educated
+ Calculated

- Distrustful
- Cold-natured
- Holds grudges easily (a defense mechanism)
- Superficial
- Can be manipulative (both consciously and subconsciously)

    Lily was born to Melissa (née Green) and Hitoshi Yukimura. She grew up in an upper-middle-class home, both parents present. Her mother, Melissa, was a bright woman, and Lily took after her just as Melissa had taken after her own mother. Melissa worked as a therapist, a career well-suited to the astute, and Hitoshi was a retired wrestler turned stay-at-home father. Lily showed musical talent from a young age, and began violin lessons at age 8 and vocal lessons at age 10.
    When Lily was about 14, she withdrew from others for an unknown reason, sometimes even that of her parents. She became increasingly more isolated, shutting herself away in her room and occupying her time with musical studies. Her minimal social interactions were spent learning how to get her way by convincing others that they wanted to give in to her. By the time she graduated, Lily had transformed completely, from the warm and open high school freshman to a cold and closed-off young woman, both her musical and social skills brutally sharpened and specialized for success in the music industry. However, her mother wanted her to pursue higher education, and, not one to abandon her passion, Lily ran away a few nights after her high school graduation. From then on, she earned her living playing her violin and singing in the streets, and when the opportunity to work on the island arose, she took it immediately.

»Likes: 90% cacao chocolate | | minty drinks | | solitude | | devoted fans | | late nights

»Dislikes: heavy drinkers | | dry food | | getting caught without her pleasant facade | | being cornered | | being touched unexpectedly

»Talents: singing | | violin | | origami

»Flaws: reclusive unless social contact is required | | gets depressed easily | | difficulty forming strong friendships

[ Relationship Information ]

»Orientation: Pansexual demiromantic
»Status: Single (not looking)
»Significant other: None

»Current attractions: None

»Sexually attractive traits:
+ Glasses
+ Body bulk (muscle or fat)
+ Stubble
+ Shyness
»Romantically attractive traits:
+ Intelligence on par with her own
+ Must be very understanding

:bulletpurple: Father: Hitoshi Yukimura (Hariyama, ♂) (estranged)
:bulletpurple: Mother: Melissa Yukimura (Jynx, ♀) (estranged)

None at this time

[ Additional Information ]

» Lily has underlying mental health issues that tend to manifest themselves when she's locked herself away from others.
» She does not perform with her violin. Playing is something she only does when she's alone.
» Her peplum dress (shown above) is not her only outfit, and it's definitely not for onstage. She wears a much longer skirt while performing, for safety's sake.

[ Roleplay Methods ]

Skype: This is preferred for longer, one-on-one roleplays. Feel free to note me your Skype name, and I'll add you.
Comments: Not preferred, but I'm willing to do shorter-style roleplay in comment threads. Feel free to leave starters in the comments of this application, as well as in the comments of future pieces.
Chatrooms: I love chatroom roleplay, long and short. If you'd like me to join in for a chatroom roleplay, feel free to message me and invite me in.
Notes: I'd rather not. I just think the system is a bit too clunky for roleplay.

NOTE: I am in no way endorsing or glorifying mental illness with this character. I suffer from depression and anxiety issues myself, and it's a living hell. Please do not think that Lily's mental health problems are in any way an endorsement or a romanticization, because they are not.
MY INTERNET IS BACK ON im so sorry ive been gone my internet was shut off for a few days but its all ok now
TheWalkingGijinka app - Lucy Cole by judokrak
TheWalkingGijinka app - Lucy Cole
My application for :iconthewalkinggijinka:

 Lucy Cole

Pokemon: Spinda

Age: 26

Height: 5'3"

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual (capable of attraction to all genders)

Nature: Gentle

Personality: Soothing and calm. Lucy has a habit of being sisterly toward the other members of the group, and tries her best to keep them in their best condition. She's a strong believer in the idea that all people have worth, even those who can't do as much work as the others.

Ability: Own Tempo

Job: Main medic

:iconpsychictypeplz: Hypnosis
:iconnormaltypeplz: Strength
:iconnormaltypeplz: Dizzy Punch
:icondarktypeplz: Feint Attack

✔ Old medical books (the heavy, dust-collecting kind; bringing her one is a good way to win her favor)
✔ Small children
✔ Old libraries
✔ Bitter foods (dark chocolate, strong coffee, etc)
✔ Swing music (her post-apocalyptic dream is to find a safe room and a record player somewhere)
✔ Singing (She's no Beyonce, but she's got a nice enough lullaby voice)

✘ Sour foods
✘ Ruined books
✘ Excess noise (It's annoying. Also it attracts zombies.)
✘ Being pushed around

Strengths: She's quite intelligent, it's somewhat hard to manipulate her. She can easily separate herself from serious medical procedures to ensure a patient's safety.

Weaknesses: She tends to fuss over other group members, particularly the ones recovering from injury, to the point of annoying the everloving crap out of the person she's taking care of. More seriously, this also means sometimes missing sleep or losing track of her own meals. That becomes an issue particularly because she's prone to anemia (which makes her susceptible to dizziness, fatigue, and fainting).

Lucy also has a bit of trouble with using the proper tone of voice. On occasion, she'll speak too harshly on accident, leading to hurt feelings (which she'll try to rectify as soon as she realizes the mistake, but that can take days).

She's somewhat sensitive when it comes to the subject of her medical training, and reminding her that she didn't finish her residency and become a "real" doctor before the apocalypse will put a damper on her mood. She won't cry in front of others, though.

Before the Apocalypse:
Lucy was born into a rather wealthy home. Her mother was a kind but somewhat overbearing Spinda who worked as a college professor, and her father was a relaxed and rather intelligent therapist Hypno. Fearing their child could be mocked for her rather large birthmark, her parents home-schooled her and limited her social interactions to the kinder, more well-behaved children of their friends.

She took after her father from a young age, and always seemed to have a fascination with medical science. However, while her father was a therapist, she instead wanted to pursue more physical medicine. She devoured medical textbooks as fast as her father could find them for her, and by the time she was ten, her intelligence could rival that of a high school freshman, but her reading comprehension was above the level of a senior. She began high school at age eleven and finished three years later, at age fourteen. At age fifteen, she began attending a private college. Lucy drove with her mother to school every morning, attended her lectures and studied, and then went home when her mother left for the evening. She spent much of her free time in the libraries, where she even found a few new medical textbooks to study.

At the age of 19, Lucy moved out of her parents' home and began medical school to become a surgeon. Her studying payed off when, at the age of 23, she graduated with high grades as the youngest in her class. She began her residency in a large hospital soon after, and two years later, disaster struck. She was at home when she saw the aerial footage of the outbreak on the news. She fled to her parents' home, armed with the few weapons she could find in her home- a screwdriver and the Swiss army knife that she'd previously only used to open cans. She stayed with her parents for a short time, and they planned to leave the following morning, but when the undead came, they came hard. Her father held off the zombies while Lucy and her mother ran through the back of the estate, but her mother was bitten during the escape. Lucy treated the bite as long as she could, but her mother succumbed to the injury and turned a few days later. Lucy was forced to put her down, then left with her mother's handgun, a small medical kit, and a goal- survive.

RP Methods: Preferably chatroom or Skype, but notes are OK if there's no other option.

Anything Else:
- She has a habit of giving out forehead kisses. It's not even a romantic thing.
- She's strong for her short stature, and hits hard.
- Larger view of her character art
Lilitu redesign by judokrak
Lilitu redesign

Lilitu's reappearance can only mean one thing: I'm feeling better. Also she's gonna stir some shit up.

Yes, the left sleeve is missing on purpose, though I'm rethinking it because it looks kind of stupid.


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"I don't care what you guys have to say about me. Make fun of me all you want. You can't shoot me down with your ARROWS OF LIES."


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Digital artist, amateur game dev. They/them or she/her pronouns.

I'm a tool but I make good text posts.

devID and icon drawn by cutebmo on tumblr.

I Heart Pastel by NauticalSparrowStamp: I love Cupcakes by apparateMeowth Stamp by Kezzi-Rose

It's been a while since I did a journal, haha. But yeah, the NarikoCorp project is in full swing! The first real answer post is here. I hope you'll all ask questions and help me keep NarikoCorp up and running for a long time to come.

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